Healthy Master: Providing Healthier & Tastier Food Options for a Balanced Diet

  Shivali Garg,    Founder & Chairperson

Shivali Garg

Founder & Chairperson

In today's fast-paced world, people often struggle to find time to prepare and enjoy healthy meals. As a result, they are habitually resorting to fast food, which is hazardous for their health. Health problems like high blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, heart attacks, obesity, and more are on the rise. Post-COVID, people have become more aware of the side effects of fast food, so they are switching to healthy eating habits. As a part of conscious eating, people have started incorporating gluten-free foods into their diets because gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye, is believed to cause various health problems.

Understanding the shift in eating habits, and supporting the momentum of conscious eating, Healthy Master offers a range of gluten-free food options that are both nutritious and delicious, making it easier for people to make healthier choices and maintain a balanced diet.

Established in 2019, Healthy Master focuses on making healthy eating an enjoyable and sustainable habit. Healthy Master's goal is to promote healthy eating habits by offering a diverse collection of nutritious products, such as snacks and pre-made meals, to the public. The company provides healthy, preservative-free snacks that replace unhealthy junk food. "Our main focus is flavor, as it encourages people to acquire a taste for healthy foods
and shift away from junk food", says Shivali. The company is committed to creating a world free from unhealthy foods.

Healthy Master caters to two categories of clients: the gifting sector and corporate clients. "Our focus on healthy gifting options promotes healthy eating habits and encourages people to make better choices", says Tarun. The company's commitment to providing healthy alternatives aligns with the growing trend of health-conscious consumers seeking healthier food options. With its emphasis on promoting wellness through nutritious snacking, Healthy Master has established itself as a reliable and trusted brand for healthy food products. By meeting the needs of their clients, Healthy Master has developed a loyal customer base that values their commitment to promoting healthier living.

Healthy Master caters to the need of individuals by providing them with healthy preservative-free food options & replacing unhealthy junk food habits

Healthy Master takes great pride in its team of professionals, which consists of over 30 young individuals who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. "Having a clear team structure and segregation of responsibilities ensures that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively", says Shivali. The company believes in the importance of a diverse workforce and actively promotes the inclusion of individuals from different genders and age groups. This approach allows for a broad range of perspectives and ideas to be shared, resulting in more comprehensive solutions and innovative strategies. Overall, Healthy Master's diverse team is a testament to the company's commitment to excellence and its dedication to creating a positive work environment for all.

Healthy Master has potential plans to expand its business line and strengthen its partnerships with corporate entities to promote healthy snacking. The company offers a wide range of products on its website, categorized by unique selling points such as no preservatives and high fiber. By focusing on these key USPs, Healthy Master aims to provide customers with healthy snacking options while simultaneously addressing the prevalent issue of unhealthy snacking. The company's ultimate goal is to create health awareness to promote healthy living. By encouraging healthy snacking habits, Healthy Master seeks to make healthy living an essential part of everyone's life, ultimately contributing to a healthier society.