Growello: Introducing Cost Effective Farming

Amar Patel,Founder and Director

Transforming waste into organic fertilizer is a common practice nowadays to maintain an ecofriendly environment in society. A few companies are focused on this act and Growello is one among them. The company is focused on producing cleaner compost fertilizer at a cheaper price compared to easily available city compost. "We are a rural self-sustainable industry focused on helping farmers produce more crops and earn extra income by collecting their waste. We hire local employees providing great employment opportunity, which allows them to stay in their village and continue with helping their families in farming," says Amar Patel, Founder & Director Growelllo. The company has three different products Compost, Liquid Fertilizer and Bio Slurry, and all these products are naturally decomposed in an anaerobic digester. Depending upon the size of a farm and time of application, some prefer to use dry compost fertilizer and some liquid or bio slurry. Usually, Bio Slurry is used during cultivating as it helps fertile the soil and liquid fertilizer is used to spray during the flowering season.

"We have seen great results from farmers using our products. We stand by our product and claim our compost is much cleaner because it goes through a proper decomposing process. Our liquid fertilizer can be used directly on the farm and as
pesticides, if sprayed regularly," Amar explains. Recently, changes and demands are increasing for using compost fertilizer and farmers are seeing and using city compost which is not up to mark. Growello's compost is much cleaner and without any foreign object like plastic, stones, or metals, the compost is made using animal manure or vegetable market waste."Our vegetable market waste also goes through double segregation process, making sure no foreign objects are being sent to processing unit," Amar adds.

Our vegetable market waste also goes through double segregation process, making sure no foreign objects are being sent to processing unit

Though Growello does not fall under any government regulations at present, it follows Gujarat Pollution Control Board(GPCB) guidelines when processing animal manure and vegetable market waste. Even though its material is stored in an airtight anaerobic digester, once the material is fully decomposed, it is reused including water. "We once suggested a farmer friend use our Bio Slurry spray on the soil and cultivate the land. He did this twice and after harvesting cotton, he was surprised to see the results," Amar proudly defines. However, Growello wants to share the freshness of rural areas with the urban population. It has started its dairy farm as well and presently the milk is sold to a few selected consumers in Vadodara, Gujarat and it is slowly increasing its cattle stock every few months to increase milk production and grow vegetables using its fertilizer. Both Farm Fresh Milk and Naturally grown Vegetables will be sold in Vadodara, Gujarat under the banner of Growello.

Growello is also planning to work with farmers and see how it can help them clear and collect farm waste. After each season, farmers spend money to clear out the farm to prepare for the next crop or they burn the wastage. To avoid this, the company is planning to start collecting waste which it can process and convert into fertilizer. Collecting farm waste will help farmers earn extra income and stop burning which will help the environment as well. "We will start a demo project with a few farmers starting by the first quarter of 2022,"Amar concludes.