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Vishal Doke, Founder & MD

Vishal Doke, Founder & MD

Deemed ‘heart of a home,’ the kitchen is a kernel for flavors and spices, and most importantly a destination for India’s growing spending power. With an ever-increasing majority opting for modern houses today, modular kitchens have become the next big facet of the interior designing industry. Despite these booming trends, challenges grey progress as tackling issues of constricted-spaces, budget-breaking prices and meager technology become impediments. Targeting these crucial factors with a strong-hold in the modular kitchen industry since 2008, grounded in interior designing since 1999, Mumbai-based Goodluck Modular Kitchen(GLMK) crowns top expert in delivering the best modular kitchens-cum-furniture. With its IMOS error-eliminating software, BTS machines and right balance between budget and German-based quality resources, GLMK is a definite go-to for transforming basic kitchens into unique nubs within challenge-worthy time frames, prices and guaranteed service benefits.

Headed by Vishal Doke(Founder & MD), the foreman behind customizing impeccable modular designs to precisely meet customer requirements, GLMK maintains a tie-up with the world’s
best German-based furniture-fittings manufacturer, Hettich Hardware, to only assure the best. The company utilizes these fittings along with an exhaustive design plan(storage style & capacity) avowing delivery & installation within 25 days(be it 100 or 1000 sq.ft.). Further more exclusive after-sale services in case of damage ensure a 48-hour fixture/ replacement that comes with a 10-year warranty. Thus, GLMK remains as first resort among clients when it comes to desiring distinct kitchen models that guarantee convenience and exceptional delivery of services, leaving it with a 100 percent satisfied customer list for over a decade.

"GLMK remains as first resort among clients when it comes to desiring distinct kitchen models that guarantee convenience and exceptional delivery of services"

The Kitchen Work Triangle
Fortifying well-organized accessible space management, GLMK provides unparalleled models of creating the ‘kitchen work triangle’ where every thing is at a handy distance. Exclusively imported wood & PU coated shutters available in 17 colours are utilized based on customization or standard protocols. A detailed 3D view of the modelled kitchen is first presented to the customer (who can visualize a replica of the final project via superior software) and the execution process is then carried out for final closure. Leveraging the best resources and advanced tools available in the market (Marine ply, and higher density HDMR-sheets), the company customizes corners & shelves, built-handles/push-open shutters with matched colour laminations utilizing technologically updated
channels for a more compact look.

The ISO 9001-2015, ISO 1401:2015 and OHSAS 1801: 2007 certified company is an authorized supplier for RBI, a panelled member of NABARD & Anchor(completed over 700 kitchen-projects). Yet, to carve a GLMK impression in mind, the company’s contribution to Idea’s Cellular gallery in Raigad surfaces, where a 30-day countdown to launch their showroom was set and despite serious challenges, GLMK completed the project well ahead in time. This project earned it an astounding calibre among clients who developed an exclusive trust in its services drawing referrals to its elaborate client list.

A Reliable Service Relationship
Following its pioneering contribution, the company heeds no stop. Post installing the kitchen at the client’s place within three-four days,the Goodluck app empowers customers to lodge any complaint and ensures quick guaranteed resolutions. Replacements are made immediately with legit parts so clients enjoy confidence in what they pay for.

Witnessing a turnover of over Rs.5 crore, the company is tied-up with top-architects to help reach a revenue bracket of Rs.30-50 crore in coming years. Vishal states, “The world is changing and moving towards technology and convenience, and for all space-saving technology, the solution is modular and we ace that. Rest assured, we guarantee the best kitchen and the best modular furniture for your home at a price challenge as we manufacture kitchen set-up at our manufacturing unit.”