GIC Academy: Bridging the Industry-Academia Gap through Short-Term International Courses

Ritesh Tibrewal & Prashant Tibrewal, Co-Founders, GIC Academy

Ritesh Tibrewal & Prashant Tibrewal

Co-Founders, GIC Academy

The youngest nation of the world faces one of the most painful truths of the current times the majority of its graduate population are under skilled and unemployable. According to a report by AICTE, over 60 percent of the eight lakh engineering graduates from technical institutions across the nation remain unemployed every year. Despite spending lakhs of rupees and investing years of their lives studying, what makes them stand at this posteriority? When Ritesh Tibrewal & Prashant Tibrewal(Co-Founders, GIC Academy), ventured into finding the reason, they spoke to several industry experts in their respective fields across the globe. “Post this discussion, we were able to identify the gap between academic learning and industry exposure which plays a major role in the increasing unemployment in the country. This analysis also helped us further narrow-down the technology programs that would help bridge the technology gap,” the duo explains.

On the other hand, with the world becoming a global village, it is important for the students and professionals to learn skills that are global in nature while constantly sharpening them. Comprehending these needs and to find a resolve to it, Ritesh & Prashant founded GIC Academy that offers experiential learning, hands-on exposure, industry visits and personal development to create the leaders of tomorrow. “With the changing market dynamics, constant upgradation of one’s skillset and looking beyond the defined curriculum are two key components to long-term success. Hence, we founded GIC Academy based on interactions with at least a thousand students looking to grow in their career – either during college or while professionally engaged with an MNC/Startup,” explains Ritesh.

Learning Platform that Empowers You
GIC (Global Immersion Certification) offers a unique platform for one to gain deeper knowledge on topics ranging from technically centered themes like robotics, aerospace, blockchain, AI, IoT, Motorsport Design, and Data Science to ones that focus on developing creativity and life skills like Sustainability, Leadership and more. These courses are industry focused short term international programs and are designed in collaboration with industry professionals who have studied at top global universities like Oxford, Cornell, IIT and others. These
courses are curated from four international universities of repute Coventry University (UK’s fastest growing university), Rice University(US’ leading university based in Texas), MDIS(Singapore’s oldest professional institute), and Sciences Po(a leading research university in France).

With the changing market dynamics, constant upgradation of one’s skillset and looking beyond thedefined curriculum are two key components to long term success

Delivered at these international university campuses, the program involves academic inputs, industry visits, and cultural discovery, which helps them become true global leaders/professionals of tomorrow. “Though there is something to choose from for everyone according to their interest match, we consider our flagship offerings to be at Sciences Po for the very reason that the university has produced some spectacular learners and performers, amongst which are the seven former presidents of France and three past heads of the International Monetary Fund,” Prashant explains.

So how can one apply to this program? The candidates need to fill-in and submit the application, post which GIC along with the partnered universities, filter the quality applicants for ensuring quality learning atmosphere. The strong profiles are further interviewed for consideration of scholarships too. To further empower its offerings, GIC is constantly working towards adding value to its offerings and thus is in the process of onboarding many more top global universities with programs curated to enhance the students’ skillsets.

Going forward, the company plans to add a wider range of course options to the program portfolio, catering to students and professionals from all streams fashion, sports, architecture, medicine, literature are some of them which GIC is witnessing constant increase in demand for. “We have also received exciting interest from potential participants from outside India, especially from countries in Africa & Middle East, who are keen to participate in these short term global programs. Setting-up offices in these countries is pretty much on the cards,” concludes Ritesh.

•Ritesh Tibrewal, Co-Founder
Holding over a decade of professional experience, Ritesh last wore the cap of Business Analyst at Fiserv. He then ventured into the mission to bridge the gap prevailing in the current professional skillsets and industry demands through his firm GIC Academy.

•Prashant Tibrewal, Co-Founder

Office: Bangalore

Programs Offered: Motorsport Design, Aerospace Engineering, Simulation Engineering Cybersecurity,Entrepreneurship (UK), Blockchain, Internet of Things & Innovation(US), Robotics, Cyber security & Ethical Hacking (Singapore), and Leadership, Sustainable Strategy and Data Science, Innovation & AI (France)