Fuzzy-way: Behavioural Training Institute & Boarding Kennels for Canines

Be it the scorching summer or boredom, our canine friends just love to drool over the dollop of icyfudge to match the groove. Dogs can easily pickup social cues, which is why they are so eager to beg a bite from the food you relish. Obedience trainers use this as a communication tool to help the dogs exhibiting behavioural problems(like separation issues, food aggression and trauma) to socialize with their owners. For those who need expert help for your unruly pooches, Fuzzyway is a perfect mentor for your guilty partners to charm everyone with their best manners.

Inspired by the famous 'dog whisperer’ Ceasor Milan, Praveen Annubhukta(Founder & Managing Director, Fuzzy-way) spent most of his time to learn the dog’s way to communicate with the human kind. After years of practicing dog psychology as an independent consultant, Praveen started his own training institute, Fuzzy-way, to train the dogs as well as the pet parents to tutor the right way to communicate with the canines. “At Fuzzy-way, we specialize in Dog Behavior Training, which is the most important aspect, followed by Command based training and other professional/service dog training. We give dogs a platform to understand their own kind and be more dogs(sniffing, wagging tail, running and so on) rather than living in a closed air conditioned room and sitting in front of a television. We help them attain calmness and submission,” asserts Praveen.

Additionally, for the pet-parents who are searching for a foster care or someone to walk their dog or need grooming services for their dogs, Fuzzy-way caters to all. For those curious heads who wants to be a dog trainer, the company offers a perfect platform to learn how to train a dog like a pro.

Care Handling Fondles

Recent case studies reveal that while training, when a dog successfully performs a task, if rewarded, learns better than punishing for the wrong done. These prove that our furry companions are fond of compassion. Hence, Fuzzy-way deploys only pet lovers (experienced professionals who have dealt many dogs exhibiting behavioral issues) as
workforce to check any dog abuse.

For the pet-parents who are searching for a foster care or someone to walk their dog or need grooming services for their dogs, Fuzzy-way caters to all

The training centre has an efficient managing team to mind every activity, starting from maintaining hygiene, fixing pet feeding time, scheduling trainings to assigning playtime and to guide someone inside the premises. Every Saturday, they indulge the pet parents in counseling sessions to help them to keep a close eye on the health and the performance of their pets.

Praveen Annubhukta, Founder & Managing Director

Some contagious canine diseases like Lyme disease, kennel cough, par virus and others are spread from canine to canine sharing the same space. In order to keep in check any health complications, vets visit regularly for checkups and during admission, a copy of vaccination record is mandatory for each dog, which is carefully documented. With such benevolent services, the company is witnessing 50 percent revenue growth month-on-month, and is all set to upgrade to an air conditioned kennel to make it a fond haven for the furry friends.

S.A.F.E. Refuge

When their furry companions become old and lose their vigor to jump, run around or amuse, they are driven out of their safe havens as burdens on the care givers. This is one of the many reasons for the increasing count of strays in the urban streets. With the help of Hyderabad Pet lovers group, Praveen started a holistic foundation named S.A.F.E (Society for Animal Friendly Environment), an animal rescue and rehab centre in Hyderabad. The rehab helps to rescue abandoned dogs with some added help from the municipal corporation, provides medication and shelter till they are adopted by a care giver, and are brought under a safe home. Animal birth control (ABC) program is one of the primary objectives of S.A.F.E, along with others such as vaccinations and adoption drives.