Feybrush: Blending Fine Arts & Design to Create Unique Interior Spaces

Swarup Jyoti Dey, MD & CEO,Agasthyasen Kulkarni, Production Head & CEO
Swarup Jyoti Dey, MD & CEO
Agasthyasen Kulkarni, Production Head & CEO

Legendary interior designer Charles Eames one said, “The details are not the details. They make the design”. Conceptualization of the design holds the key to a successful interior design, and no one understands it better than the Bangalore-based Feybrush. Established by seasoned artists Swarup Jyoti Dey(CEO & Managing Director) and Agasthyasen Kulkarni(CEO & Production Head), Feybrush was born out of the passion for fine arts and is an end-to-end service provider with a unique knack for blending the vibrant utility of design with the subtlety of artistic composure.

Where organizations are focused on creating a mixture of designs (western contemporary with traditional Indian), Feybrush believes in viewing the whole picture under a uniform lens that not only makes the design unique, but highly cost efficient as well. Swarup states,“People do not conceptualize much; they see
photos and just copy paste the entire idea. The concept of originality tends to take a back seat in such cases and gives way to repetition”.

"With its allegiance to original design and work, today Feybrush is one of the most sought-after players in the industry"

Unique Ideation
The artistic expertise of the founders and a talented team of architects and designers offer end-to-end services, right from putting-up a false ceiling to carrying-out the electrical work. The team also offers insights in purchasing the right material like tiles, construction materials, and paints, instead of merely listing them out to clients, and subsequently the entire team engages with the client at every step and presents the final concept in 3D version. On the other hand, the exterior service brings-in the challenge of bringing out the aesthetics while optimizing the limited space at hand. Feybrush has expertly worked on making designer gardens, personalized aquatic decorations, and customized designer swimming pools, while incorporating a holistic expertise of different engineering and innovative design knowledge.

The team has also created numerous murals and sculptures for esteemed hotels like the 4 Point Sheraton and many others, adding to the existing grandeur of
their projects.“Creating art products is no simple task. They too have specific measurements and we actively engage in all the specifications and then execute it, making it a very customized art work,”adds Swarup.

With its expertise in interior design, exterior design and art props, Feybrush has helped several clients like Brigade Enterprises establish a new benchmark of décor that is not only in the realm of the elite. For instance, the team has executed design projects for 2BHK apartments in not more than Rs.15,000 without compromising on the quality and turnaround time.“We pay close attention to not only the industry, but our client demands as well. If they are unable to pay a high price for interior designing, we will lower the cost for them because everyone deserves a good interior space for their homes,” states Swarup.

With its allegiance to original design and work, today, Feybrush is one of the most sought-after players in the industry who earned a revenue growth of Rs.1 crore and is on a lookout for talented designers and artists who will contribute to this growing field. Feybrush is on a quest to face hurdles head-on and learn something new every day, which will challenge the status quo. “We plan on making it big and be recognized on an international level. We want to dive into things that have not been done before and create a new benchmark,” concludes Swarup.