FABDIZ: Organizing the Interior Designing Market With Turnkey Solutions & Unique Customer Experiences

Abreast of engendering creative themes, impeccable designs, and skillful execution with intact quality, there is an ‘X’-perience factor that makes an interior reflect your persona and satisfy you from the inside of your heart, which is tough to measure, sometimes hard to find, and often difficult to define. Precisely, this embraces the story of FABDIZ - a turnkey interior design firm based out of Bangalore and home to an energetic team of designers & craftsmen catering to both individual and corporate segments.

Established in 2015 as In-Built Concepts, FABDIZ’s legacy originally takes us a decade back, precisely when Vineet Sharma (Founder & Director) - a Project Management expert possessing two decades of experience backup turned into interior designing & execution, perceiving an opportunity to organize the sector. He was soon joined by his childhood buddy, Hemant Tak (Director) who boasts of an impeccable business background. With this massive combination of process expertise and business know-how driving the duo towards a yellow brick road, FABDIZ within just three-year from its inception has grown multifold, piloting a mission to organize the Rs.20,000 crore industry, and targets to become a Rs.25 crore entity by the end of 2019.

Vineet Sharma,Founder & Director

Hemant Tak, Director

“I observed that most of the organizations proclaiming turnkey provision are often channel partners with manufacturers and do project-based hiring of workforce as well. To avoid the uncertainty that brings along, we tested the waters with a bijou manufacturing facility in Banaswadi and subsequently channeled more investment to set up another state-of-the-art facility in Hegde Nagar,” asserts Vineet. Further organizing the flow of its approach is a significant fleet of full-time labors on its payroll. “We are flexible enough to divert our team members to any project at any given point in time,” he adds.

FABDIZ Experience Centers: A One-Stop-Shop with an Amazing Feel-Factor
This is just the tip of the iceberg. Even with the advent of technology, deciphering the picture in homeowner’s mind and giving life to the exact interpretation remain the biggest challenges for interior designers. For instance, we are quite acquainted with the comfort and convenience of online furniture & home-decor marketplace, but when it comes to interior design, it takes much better experience than online for a potential customer to make a purchase or commit to a design. Customers need to experience the life of the design and every artifact that it incorporates, have a clear idea of the budget-fitting, and often demand to see the finished projects before making their decision. Thus, FABDIZ has come up with a groundbreaking innovation - full-fledged Experience Center for its clients.

Imagine walking into a whole new world of disparate fully-furnished bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms, where you can precisely relate your personality by tangibly experiencing the life of them. That’s exactly what a FABDIZ Experience Center is all about. It bestows a feel-factor that’s way beyond the technologies like VR & AR could ever give, which in turn produces a different level of satisfaction among clients. In addition, by joining hands with leading vendors, FABDIZ incorporates external modules ranging from Lighting to Curtains, Wooden Flooring, Dining Tables

Vineet Sharma

Founder & Director

and much more inside its Experience Centers.

Although this one-stop-shop experience is poised to simplify the entire interior process of designing and save a lot of time & efforts of all the stakeholders, despite the customizable-prototypes, clients often come with sophisticated designs & pictures in their mind. That is precisely where its experienced director, Vineet excels in.

Back-lifted by his experience of successfully delivering more than 300 projects over the last decade, he simply decodes the image in your mind. Subsequently, the seven people strong team of designers effortlessly portrays the dreams on paper. “People often set their mind up to the internet images of foreign designs that don’t comply with their budget. We never disappoint them, instead, we keep the essence & life of it, 'Indianize' if entailed, and eventually optimize the design to provide them with the similar feel factor within their budget,” adjoins Vineet. This explains the rationale behind FABDIZ’s whopping conversion rate of 80 percent.

"FABDIZ Experience Center bestows a feel-factor that’s way beyond the technologies like VR & AR could ever give, which in turn produces a different level of satisfaction among clients"

Flawless Execution Ensuring Satisfaction
It’s interesting the way FABDIZ maneuvers this huge conversion rate into having a lion share of its new customers through references; thanks to the prowess of a well-structured execution team, and its own manufacturing facility that ensures intact quality and workforce that leaves no stone unturned. With comprehensive grip over manpower and production, the company promises to finish every project within 45 days from the date of design approval – a proposition that's miles ahead of the industry average of 65 days. In the process, Vineet and Hemant personally get involved not only in the supervision of the manufacturing process, but even in the procurement of raw materials to ensure intact quality. The duo indeed perceives a pride factor in bestowing the best breed of quality.

“Customer satisfaction always remains the end goal. We create a WhatsApp group including customers to stay on the same page throughout the process on a daily basis. Our designers and project managers go that extra mile to make all the possible modifications on site, thereby smoothening the transformation of a 'mere design' into a 'dream home' with life in it,” asserts Vineet.

A Transparent Approach
A huge chunk of credit goes to the transparency in FABDIZ’s whole approach as well, which starts right from decorating its website with original images of projects accomplished. Imagine how often do we find Images other than 3D renderings on an Interior designer’s website! “I have even seen people using our project images to market their work in Facebook,” Vineet adds with a brisk smile on his face. With the industry being unorganized, comes along is huge uncertainty in pricing and value for money. While being already transparent with its pricing, FABDIZ is all set to improve the user-friendliness and enliven the transparency by launching a web portal, which will help its customers perform pre-purchase permutations & combinations as
easy as deciding on a smartphone in Flipkart.

A Hand Full of Opportunities
Industry is evolving and it’s evolving dynamically. The need for keeping abreast of the pace is more inevitable than ever before. Vineet, who is also a Business Network International (BNI) member, leverages every possible avenue to comprehend the wind’s direction and act proactively. In addition to savoring access to a wide network of his corporate contacts, he ensures visiting emerging markets & impeccable design hubs like China at least once a year. This, alongside constant training from inside and outside (mostly by raw materials providers) the company, helps FABDIZ exist as a dynamic workplace, which boasts of glass doors and entirely open work culture. “We are one big family who know each other personally as well as the ebbs and flows of the company, be it revenue or growth. That’s why we have employees who has been with us for the last eight years,” adds Vineet.


Having had a remarkable journey over the past three years with an appreciable number of projects accomplished including the ones for clients like OYO Rooms, Prestige Group, and Furlenco, among others, and having worked with the domestically famous designer houses like Enviarch Studio and Between Spaces, FABDIZ is looking forward to expand to Middle East in the near future and across the Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities of India within the next five years. The states like Rajasthan, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are well on its radar.

Key Management:
Vineet Sharma, Founder & Director

A Project Manager by profession and a Graduate Civil Engineer, Vineet brings in two decades of his management experience working with various MNCs and International corporates. His strength in management & team leadership drives the vision for FABDIZ.

Hemant Tak, Director
Hemant, with his two decades of manufacturing and project management skills, understands the dexterity involved in the design process thoroughly. His ability and management skills are imperative to the business development of FABDIZ.

FABDIZ in Spotlight:
  • A high quality turnkey solutions provider
  • Having a couple of manufacturing facilities located in Bangalore
  • Full-time labors on payroll, which enables channeling any number of team members to any project at any given point in time
  • 45 days turnaround time
  • One of the fastest growing interior designers in Bangalore
  • 80 percent lead conversion rate

  • FABDIZ Experiences Center manifests prototypes of disparate fully furnished bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms, where you can precisely relate your personality by tangibly experiencing the life of them.

    FABDIZ came into existence in the name of In-Built Concepts. Recently, the visionary directors of the company after several months of brainstorming decided to come-up a much shorter brand name FABDIZ.

    Quick Facts:
  • Year of Establishment: 2015
  • Office: Bangalore
  • Offering: Turnkey Interior Design Services