Esskaybee: Where Your Abstract Dreams Transform into Concrete Reality

Jawahar Bajaj,Managing Director

Jawahar Bajaj

Managing Director

The rising standards of living among the middle-class Indian population and mounting demands for comfortable-luxurious lifestyles, catapult revolutionary growth in the Interior Designing industry in India. Surging to rank third in terms of its volumes of constructions, the country’s interior design market anticipates reaching a milestone of $1,138 million by 2021. Posing these propitious statistics, and highlighting the future prospects of the industry, Esskaybee Developments (P) Ltd., a 1989 established Bangalore-based interior design company, strives to churn every opportunity into a promising reality, making true the dreams of all its clients. Excelling with adroit expertise and finesse, qualifying under regulatory standards, the company offers project, land & infrastructure development along with interior design and crisis management. Moreover, crowning its services under quality-guarantee bound within effective time-management, Esskaybee pioneers project
development catering to apartments, contract-projects, residencies commercial buildings and Building Maintenance.

"Despite severe competition in the industry, Esskaybee’s services occupy a prominent position in the market, selectively chosen by clients who establish and maintain long-term associations"

With over 30 years of well-defined planning strategies, thorough inspections and reviews of safety measures, Esskaybee executes every project under a 24/7 scrutiny- monitoring and controlling every stage of the process. Be it roads, maintenance or drainage systems, the company bundles deft minds who work together to provide the most stunningly unique results to its clients. Never the less, prioritizing client goals, the company’s assistance extends to post-purchase services where its clients enjoy a complete package of comprehensive service offerings. These factors have driven the company to renowned heights, even so as to offer services at the Bangalore International Airport as well as several distinguished MNCs, commercial and residential projects.

Services that Deem Success
Despite severe competition in the industry, Esskaybee’s services occupy a prominent position in the market, selectively chosen by clients who establish and maintain long-term associations. While
executing every project, the company carves out world-class crisis simulations and tests precision leveraging clients’ ideas and plans as a blueprint to their project development process. Focusing mainly into high-end luxury apartments, additionally designing and delivering contract projects, the company holds a crude eye for detail and specification, ultimately succeeding perfection. Thriving at the success of completing six projects within a span of six years, the company’s expertise stops at no bounds, delivering concrete art out of spaces within no-time, including continuous services to existing clients and projects.

Besides prioritizing client needs, Esskaybee ensures safety of its employees during project execution with a help of a detailed manual of safety measures, additionally abiding by governmental regulatory policies and regulations. Employees moreover ensure to keep themselves abreast with the changing industry trends, quantifications and specifications so as to execute modern trends in every succeeding project.

Understanding the potentiality of interior designing in the country, Esskaybee aims at multi–faceted projects that are currently underway in Bangalore. Aside this, the company stands well-placed financially and seeks to double its course within the next three to five years.