Repêchage: From the Sea to the Skin - An Aesthetic Seaweed Beauty Revolution

Bikram Sapra,  MD

Bikram Sapra, MD

Over past centuries, humans have reaped great deal of benefits from resources of aquatic life, and beauty assumed a stand in this regard when U.S. based luxury skincare brand Repêchage emerged as a trail-blazer cum global-forerunner of seaweed-based skincare. Recognizing the dearth of this remarkable beauty-essence in the Indian market, Bikram Sapra, Managing Director of JB Skincare during mid-2012 introduced this exclusive product in its native market under the Repêchage brand-ship. This triggered an awe-striking revolution in the Indian cosmetic industry that led the company JB Skincare to assume a leading market position in the skincare category with a coveted list of reputed national and regional level salon chains like Lakmé Unilever, Kaya Skin Clinic, Enrich Salon, Cleopatra and many more. Bikram attributes his success to doing business with utmost professionalism, empathy and integrity and believes in establishing a win-win relationship with his clients.Thus due to his contributions, within seven years of its legacy, JB Skincare has been a proud two-time recipient of the ‘Distributor of the Year’ award by its
Principals, M/S Sarkali-Repêchage.

Spearheaded by aesthetic-doyenne Lydia Sarfati (Founder & CEO) Repêchage engages in exploring sea-plant technologies and cosmetic treatments, creating a full range of nutrient-rich seaweed-based skincare products for men and women. With its rich blend of vitamins, minerals, trace-elements, amino-acids and antioxidants, the company sources seaweeds from the pure seawaters off the coasts of Maine and France and processes in U.S. Today, Repêchage’s products are manufactured in a 50,000 sq.ft. ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing, development and training facility, which distributes products to over 45 countries worldwide, including India, thanks to the pro-active zeal of JB Skincare.

Every product, meticulously tested to suit all skin-types, enhances the appearance of healthy glowing skin, regardless of esthetician’s experience. These under takings sync with the expertise of top scientists/dermatologists who verify to confirm pledged results- ‘Repêchage difference’. Repêchage further bases its presence on four pillars - striking commitment to augment professional esthetics, educate & train esthetic-instructors, boost salon success and commit to a worldwide presence. Recognizing this impact in the global beauty-market, Bikram channeled it into the Indian market, that today surges beyond demands of other major beauty products in the country.

Immediate Effects with Lasting Benefits
Citing over 200 seaweed-based
skincare regimens and 245 treatments, Repêchage detoxifies, oxygenates, re-balances, hydrates and renews the skin, also providing anti-aging benefits. With this multitude of advantages, bacteriological challenge tests, repeated insult patch tests (RIPT) and clinical studies - in-house & external, ensure the efficiency of the treatments/products, the results of which provoke immediate effects with long-lasting impacts. Striding beyond, the company ensures each product is uniquely packaged, so clients receive fresh products. Subsequently, proportionate measures in treatment kits are opened, mixed and applied accordingly before customers, availing no chance for double-dipping or dispensing. Such is the vigor of Lydia that is reflected in Repêchage efficiency the world over.

Expanding Beauty Prospects
Repêchage is currently enlarging its manufacturing facility to boost production of unidose-facials. These boosters aim to serve in the Repêchage ‘Glow & Go’ services that are combined customizations of facial massages and express sheet masks to brighten, calm, hydrate, and tackle facial aging-signs. It’s bountiful hall of fame sounds titles of success since 1995 with the latest being nominee for 2018 Honoree by the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) NJ, receiving ‘2018 – Best Collection for Sensitive Skin: Repêchage Red-out’ and ‘2018 DERMASCOPE Aesthetician’s Choice Awards – Favorite Sheet Mask: Triple Action Peptide Mask’.