Cookiie Pie Co: Creating Baby Carriers that gives a Hug Feel & Enhanced Security to Babies

Shami. S ,Founder

Shami. S


Raising infants by wearing them on the body is an art lost inhistory. Prior to the 1900’s, when baby carriers proliferated as a tool to carry babies around, parents across the world used shawls, sheets and other clothes to snuggle up their babies. Without proper research, tools or regard for the safety of babies, many companies in the 21st century attempted in futility to manufacture baby carriers, which resulted in uncomfortable experiences with aggravation ofanatomical birth conditions like developmental hip dysplasia, spinal-joint issues and many others. Cookiie Pie’s mission was to encourage interest in physiological benefits of baby-wearing by applying modern day ergonomic technologies to manufacture a variety of baby carriers. And hence it was conceived as a solution for multi-tasking new age, millennial parents looking for mobility and independence in their newfound parental roles without missing a step.

Products & Profound Intentions
Bringing awareness and revolutionizing the practice of baby - wearing in India, Cookiie Pie's first product was the ‘Cookiie Ring Sling’ which enabled parents to go about their chores, and
multi-task whilst wearing the baby on their chest or hip. Growing along with their tiny tot, Cookiie Pie’s founders launched a first-of-its-kind ‘soft structured carrier’ which warms up new parents to the multiple benefits of wearing their baby, subsequently making it the only company in the Indian market to offer three different models of the Cookiie baby carriers and ring slings. Extending its product offering, it also makes drool pads, hair accessories, teethers, toys, swaddles, bibs & many more, and couture for kids up till age four.

Cookiie Pie’s mission was to encourage interest in physiological benefits of baby wearing by applying modern day ergonomic technologies to manufacture a variety of baby carriers

All products manufactured by Cookiie Pie are cotton based, baby safe & handmade using linen, voile, muslin, mulmul and cotton, all of which are soft & generously proportioned for tiny, tender, growing bodies. The company sources materials & hardware from trusted suppliers across the globe ensuring no compromise on the quality of the product. Being compliant with ASTM F2236 certifications & CPSIA regulations, the company has the safety of the young ones at their best interest. Cookiie Pie provides unparalleled customer experience by constantly conversing with fellow parents which helps them mitigate even the smallest design flaw, ascertaining both parents and children are comfortable.
With the Indian roads & pavements being in poor condition even today, most foreign made strollers & prams are rendered useless, and cheap carriers being extremely unsafe can aggravate hip joint and spinal birth disorders in babies, which the company adheres to as a priority by developing best in industry 'Cookiie Baby Carriers’. Busting old-age myths about travelling with a baby being stressful, the company offers research literatures & trials across cities& educates people about the physiological benefits of parents & newborn attachment, and has been successful in changing the minds of the elders & the youth alike. “We’ve observed that baby-wearing makes the child confident, improves respiratory and developmental health, decreases crankiness and just keeps adding to its list of advantages,” asserts Shami. S, Founder, Cookiie Pie Co. The company has parenthetically started the #WearAHug movement to recognize the importance of nurturing memorable moments between the child & the parents, and provides a productive medium to bond, play &learn via their products.

Future Footsteps
Cookiie Pie is working on a cotton/linen based carrier prototype called the ‘Cookiie Reverse on buhimo’ which will ease travelling with six months &above toddlers. Also in the making are ‘mehdais’and stretchy wraps, carriers for newborns. As a member of the ‘Baby Carrier Industry Alliance’, Cookiie Pie updates itself on any industrial developments and emphasizes on paying more attention to the figures and research statistics which would propel it to be a major player across India and beyond.