BUDDYZ: The Ultimate Paradise of Toys, Games & More - Emanating Happiness

 Dhiren Sheth & Bhavesh Sheth, DirectorsCurrently, India is home to a legion of child prodigies, wherein most of them have already engraved their talents in the Guinness World Record. It was recently brought to light that six-year old Sarah from Chennai solved a 2x2 Rubik’s Cube blindfolded in just two minutes and seven seconds while reciting Vairamuthu’s poems. Also, have you heard about Rohit Balaji, a two-year old whiz kid who has cracked above 200 puzzles with his excellent memory power? Aren’t these kids incredible? Absolutely! Well, there are many more stories of child prodigies in India that would leave you awestruck. Wondering why? It is predominantly because of play and more play. In fact, learning through play all through the early age and beyond can make wonders in the development of a child in terms of imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive & emotional strength. The primary focus of parents today is not only on building the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) of their children, but also Emotional Intelligence(EQ) which acts as a major driver of personal growth. As Vince Gowmon once quoted, “Play is indeed an endless, delightful, deep, engaging and practical learning”.

Backing this vital aspect of play is toys, which when chosen right with the age can bestow a child with healthy yet unbelievable brain growth. Thanks to multiple companies in India for responsibly creating, manufacturing, marketing and selling safe & inclusive toys and games that can enhance the lives of kids, right in their early years. Poised in the Elysian Fields of this industry is BUDDYZ, a highly reliable brand boasting a legacy of over 34 years. Functioning under Plastech International Pvt. Ltd. across its own SSI registered manufacturing unit at Vasai(near Mumbai), BUDDYZ is largely involved in the manufacturing and marketing of a range of top-notch Toys, Children’s Stationery, Character Merchandises and Promotional Products.

Spreading Happiness to Everyone!
BUDDYZ is indefinitely a paradise not just for tiny tots, but for people of all generations! Spearheading this unique brand is Dhiren Sheth and Bhavesh Sheth (Directors) who relentlessly ensure that its range of products infuse utmost happiness in the hearts of people who play with them. Recounting their mission, Dhiren articulates, “Team BUDDYZ aims to spread happiness by constantly creating products and providing services of the highest quality and at affordable prices now and forever”. Let’s delve into some of these marvels! Inspired by the alluring characters in the world of animation, BUDDYZ has unveiled a range of games and toys under the character merchandise category. What stands as the brand’s biggest X factors are outclassing as one of the earliest players in the Character Merchandising bracket of India as well as one of the earliest licenses of Disney, Doraemon and Chhota Bheem.

Bhavesh adds, “BUDDYZ takes utmost pride in developing an entire range of character merchandises for the most successful animation film in India – ‘Hanuman’, besides partaking in interesting film projects like ‘My Friend Ganesha’, ‘Little Krishna’ & others”. Apart from this, the brand offers Educational Toys, Glow-in-the-Dark Toys, Activity Toys, DIY Toys, Coin Banks, Fun Stationery, Novelties, 3D Figurine Merchandises and many more marvels. Being the first and only licensee of Star TV to manufacture a range of toys for its Mega TV Serial – ‘Antariksh’, further adds fame to its portfolio. Furthermore, it has also offered successful customized promotional solutions to several companies such as Kellogg’s, ITC, Disney, Girnar, Britannia, Piramal, Parle Agro, Kotak, Novartis, Cipla, Abbott and others.
Sustainability Par Excellence
At the backend of these products, BUDDYZ ensures to employ advanced techniques in Plastic Injection Moulding & Assembling along with high quality moulds to process child-safe and not-toxic plastics. These plastics impart unparalleled quality standards and recyclability, thereby standing-out as completely ecofriendly products. Even its manufacturing processes are assured to be environmental friendly with zero pollution and on par with international standards. Moreover, a customer centric approach is stringently followed by the brand across product research, design and development to keep-up its high quality standards.

Dhiren asserts, “Big thanks to the Indian Government for planning to incorporate measures that ensured toys are made available to children meeting the requisite safety standards. The Government now needs to ensure a complete stop to under-invoicing & unofficial imports of Toys and also support Indian SMEs through better infrastructure”. In fact, there lies a stream of initiatives undertaken by the Government to upscale the toys industry. For instance, it has provided a major boost to the Indian Toy Manufacturers by raising the Basic Customs Duty on imported Toys in the Union Budget 2020. Given the increased prominence, there is no wonder even if India someday outperformed the thriving China Toys market.

BUDDYZ ensures to employ advanced techniques in Plastic Injection Moulding & Assembling along with high quality moulds to process child-safe and not-toxic plastics

Quality, on the other hand, is in the DNA of BUDDYZ! All of its products are developed on par with BIS Quality Standards and rigorously tested at accredited laboratories. Despite the cost of these products being tight and competitive, they are a great value for money. Here pops the question Where can one buy them? Being inspired by Infosys’ Narayan Murthy, the brand decided not to keep all its eggs in one basket, and thereby sell its products through various channels.

A Wide Presence!
Right from Modern Trade (like Big Bazaar, D-Mart, Spencers, Reliance, and others), General Trade (most Mom & Pop Stores), Online Trade (Amazon, Flipkart, Firstcry, and others) to direct selling to specialty stores and promotional customers, BUDDYZ has engraved its presence everywhere. This brand has bagged an unbeatable position with respect to supplier evaluation too. It has been rated by Future Group as one of the best suppliers with best-in-class systems and unmatched services offered to customers.

Reinforcing BUDDYZ in all its endeavours is its team of over 50 adept professionals with experiences par versatility. Most of them have been associated with the company since a long time. Even when its factory was shifted from an Industrial Gala to a Bigger Unit in Vasai, all its people relocated their lives, including their homes and kids’ schools. Scenarios like this clearly prove that BUDDYZ is not just a customer-centric, but an employee centric organization too!

Marvels in the Pipeline
At BUDDYZ, innovations in toys are oriented greatly on product design and value addition, thereby aiming to achieve the overall growth of a child. Very soon, its new product – BUDDYZ STEM Education Series of ‘Brilliant Play Blocks’, will hit the market. This unique marvel can imbue a child with lots of fun and learnings about various types of animals, vehicles and robots, which further contributes in STEM Education (Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics). It also enhances the eight core cognitive capacities of a child, more precisely, stimulating imagination, enhancing creativity, developing logical thinking and improving coordination. Akin to its other products, this series is also created from child safe and non-toxic plastics, yet with attractive bright colours. Children are further bestowed with idea books for design reference, while they are free to leverage their own imaginative minds to create much more wonders.

Since its establishment in 1986, BUDDYZ has grown in leaps and bounds overcoming all challenges that appeared in its way. For the year 2020-21, this brand is well geared-up to prove its excellence across India and the world, while aspiring to commence exports of its products at the earliest.

Key Management:
•Dhiren Sheth, Director
•Bhavesh Sheth, Director

Quick Facts:
•Year of Establishment:1986
•Location:Vasai, Thane
•Products: A wide range of Toys, Children’s Stationery, Character Merchandises & Promotional Products