AspiRise: Empowering People to Aspire & Rise in Their Lives

Naz Chougley & Manish Dhawan, Co-FoundersUnderstanding people’s personalities, helping them recognize their own thoughts, feelings & emotions, while also empowering them to create suitable changes in their lives; these form the foundation of the grand edifice that life coaching is. More than just the practice of assisting clients to determine & achieve personal goals, it is an educational program that provides participants with a thorough insight into their unconscious pattern, so they are empowered to move beyond their conditioning and well equipped to manifest the life of their dreams.

The sole motive of AspiRise, the Mumbai-based life coaching company, is to dedicatedly serve its clients and be their partner in the journey towards transformation. Thus, through rebuilding faith and supporting people whenever they fall back or swing into contrasts/challenges, AspiRise helps in turning around their personal/professional worlds by providing the necessary insights into its causes and assists with practices and tools to help move beyond these limiting conditions. AspiRise’s coaches work with their clients on questioning their disempowering beliefs and rebuilding their emotional bodies. Through regular meetings, follow-ups, phone calls, and learning support via content specific videos & audios, they handhold them during their transformation journey, thus enabling clients craft events and situations of their choice.

Touching All Aspects of Life through Comprehensive Life Coaching
As diverse as life coaching is, AspiRise
offers an array of trainings such as its flagship 'life coaching’ course, which is a three months one-on-one intensive individual program suited to every person’s emotional & psychological needs. Apart from this, it also renders Awakening retreats, Business Coaching, Counseling & Behaviour therapy, Law of Attraction open workshops and Law of Attraction Corporate Leadership workshops, along with online coaching programs. Moreover, the firm imparts ‘residential retreats’ at pristine outdoor locations and international destinations to facilitate deep inner work involving self love, forgiveness and gratitude for people to dive into their inner beings.

AspiRise imparts ‘residential retreats’ at pristine outdoor locations and international destinations to facilitate deep inner work involving selflove, forgiveness and gratitude for people to dive into their inner beings

Their training encompasses Law of Attraction teachings to help people move beyond their body-mind conditioning and truly operate as source to create a life of infinite possibilities. A glance at its spiritual repertoires reveals teachings of several Advaita masters and non-duality teachers carefully embedded in its curriculum. Thus, closely working with clients on setting intentions, prayers, staying in the present moment, visualization and creating imagery, AspiRise instills & strengthens hope in them. Even people previously diagnosed with diseases like Schizophrenia and OCD, who depended on drugs, have reported radical recovery!

The heart of the matter, Naz Chougley is the chief coach at AspiRise, with over 20 years of experience across HR, and training & development. She has conducted hundreds of workshops. Also, Manish Dhawan, who acts as its business coach and is the backbone in setting-up and growing AspiRise post his corporate stint for over a decade in key leadership positions with Wipro. Under their guidance, they have trained several people to become proficient professionals with expertise in life skills and understanding human emotions & behaviours. It has also forged an LOA community, connected via social media to facilitate LOA teachings and spiritual evolution.

Consistently growing at a rate of 30-35 percent YoY, AspiRise plans to reach many more people through ongoing programs and also by providing various online courses on LOA and its other services. Besides this, it has been working with educational institutions and corporate firms to help build a foundation based on empowering living that is unavailable in the current curriculum.