Apkamart: Becoming the Amazon of Handicrafts & Art

AnshulBansal,  Founder,   Sakshi Dutt Bansal, Co-Founder

AnshulBansal, Founder
Sakshi Dutt Bansal, Co-Founder

India treasures a rich & boastful legacy of handicrafts & art that amazes people around the world,yet this labor extensive, low productive, highly expensive and unregulated industry turns out to be on the verge of extinction. Due to the lack of exposure, the masterpieces by artisans fail to bring monetary returns to them, while the middlemen who procure articles from artisans take the advantage of the profits.Aiming to bring visibility to handicrafts & arts sourced directly from artisans across India and elevate their lives is Apkamart, an online platform by Marvel Retail Pvt. Ltd.that deals with diverse range of handicrafts, art & gift articles across the globe at affordable prices. “Customers like different art& handicrafts of different states from north, south, east & west of India. We aim to amalgamate limitless and multiple kinds of artwork to the forefront through our portal,” avers AnshulBansal, Founder, Apkamart.

Diverse & Best
Based out of Rajasthan, which is a
tourist hub for Indians as well as for foreigners, the company was incepted with an idea to make anything and everything in art& handicraft available to the customers who refrain from buying, thinking it might be expensive. The online portal presents over 2500 varieties of articles including home décor, religious painting, hangings, utilities, artistic furniture, women bags, accessories, and more. It also includes a diverse range of gift items, procured from artisans as well as manufactured in-house. While customers have different choices and like different artifacts, the company keeps adding new products regularly.

"We have a sample selection test, where our team checks whether the products meet the quality standards, passing which they are allowed to send us their articles"

Uncompromising Quality
All the products sourced from artisans across the country are stored at the in-house warehouse, while maintaining quality & standards via strict empanelling process of artisans for the platform. “Not everybody and anybody can get associated with us. We have a sample selection test, where our team checks whether the products meet the quality standards, passing which they are allowed to send us their articles,” explains Sakshi Dutt Bansal, Co-Founder, Apkamart. The company assures that it sells what it displays in its portal with best quality. Right from sourcing articles to storing in the warehouse, and
before sending it to the customer,Apkamart’s team performs stringent quality checks on each and every article. In case any damage is found or some issue crops up, it is sent back to the artisan or not sent to the warehouse with other products.

The company has a zero breakage policy where any damage or breakage of product is taken very seriously, while the packaging team ensures that the product reaches safely and is in the best condition. Also, Apkamart has collaborated with PayPal, PayU, and CCAvenue for secured payments to avoid theft or loss of customer’s data.

This self-funded company has made a difference in the way artisans live and dream of a future out of their skills by offering them ample exposure. From two members to a 14 member team, the company has grown by leaps and bounds owing to hard work and a great vision. Apkamart also endorses women employment and takes pride in its girls who handle the operations right from procurement to the final customer handling.“We are very happy to achieve triple digit growth year-over-year. We want to be recognized as a global brand and the largest handicrafts & art platform across India. Apkamart aims to become the Amazon of Handicrafts and gift articles,” concludes Sakshi.