Apex Project Solutions: Office Interior Solutions for Optimizing Space Utilization and Enhancing Employee Comfort

Pushkar Pingle, Architect &Director
Pushkar Pingle, Architect & Director

The interior design industry in India has been an unorganized sector historically. This scenario is changing rapidly with companies led by professionals for various verticals like Design, Project Management, Supply Chain and Finance. The most important reason for the success of organized companies is the emphasis on design, trustworthiness, quality & workmanship and service support.

Apex was founded in the year 2005 by Architecture graduates from the renowned Sir. JJ College of Architecture. Ethics, Effort and Knowledge are the principles which we believe have led to the exponential growth of our company. Being founded by Architecture graduates, the entire team focuses on strong design fundamentals in every project. Impeccable quality and
workmanship is achieved in every single project. This has led to continuous repeat projects from the same clients.

"During construction at site, project managers, site supervisors, along with safety officers make sure that the project is delivered as per the approved drawings"

Focus on design
Apex has been design oriented right from the start. This is due to the academic background of the founders who are architects themselves. When office spaces are designed with a lot of thought to optimize aesthetics and functionality, it becomes a USP in itself. This has led to numerous repeat projects from the same clients. There is a certain level of trust when clients approach the company, a part of the credit goes to the founders’ architectural background.

Apex offers design & build projects for the office & retail interior sector. The process starts with the conceptual design after receiving inputs and brief requirements from the client. The most important aspects considered when designing offices is employee psychology and comfort, use of technology to support the work environment and space aesthetics.
Technical drawings are prepared with intense thought process by engineers having extensive experience in the field. During construction at site, project managers, site supervisors, along with safety officers make sure that the project is delivered as per the approved drawings, within the given timelines and with impeccable quality and workmanship.

Apex has developed various interior fitout methods which drastically reduce the construction time. They offer these services to all our clients as part of a standard package. This helps clients reduce unnecessary rental costs and the office can be up and running within the rent-free period.

Apex is an ISO 9001 certified company with custom built processes to streamline the entire supply chain from sourcing to delivery and installation. They have internal audits at every stage to maintain and constantly improve quality and workmanship standards.

Some of the company’s reputed clients are Reliance, DHL, Godrej, Cipla, L&T, Idea Cellular, Lafarge, Maersk, NYK Line, Decathlon, SBI, RBS, South Indian Bank, Oracle, Future Group, Voltas and Nitco, amongst many others.