Annadhatri Agritech: Remediating the Farming Practices to Bring in True Transformations

Ashis Guria, Founder
Bhattacharjee, Business Development Manager, Ashis Guria,Chief Managing Director& Tanumoy Das, Assistant General Manager
The‘Green Revolution' in the 1970s ushered in an era of rapid agri cultural production, foodgrains in particular. One of the catalytic agents for the revolution was chemical fertilizers. India was gravely short of foodgrains, and this agricultural shift came in handy. With massive inputs of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and water, high crop yields were achieved.The 'Green' Revolution may have saved the day (the jury is still out on that) but it was far from safeguarding the future. Damaged soils, expensive and needless farming inputs, water intensive/water pollutive, lethal and ecologically harmful farming practices (all of which emanate from chemical farming)do no good to agricultural advancement, and to public health.

FAO confirms that Chemical Agriculture is associated with "Farmers indebtedness for inputs and suicides": reporting that there were 30,000 deaths in Maharashtra, India, from 1997-2005. No good has come out of chemical based farming practices. It has further damaged the soil fertility, nutrient composition, and the overall yields. This has further deteriorated the agri economy, making the industrial chemical suppliers rich, while impoverishing the local organic agri product suppliers. Costs of organic products have only increased thereby discouraging farmers to opt for it. The way we see it economical and organic products is the need
of the hour. Addressing these major concerns, Boronilpur, Sripally, Burdwan, Purba Burddhaman based Annadhatri Agritech was founded by Ashis Guria to introduce farmers to a better alternative to chemical farming. Annadhatri Agritech offers various types of organic rural inputs, enhancing plants, agriculture plants and nanotechnology items.

Annadhatri products are completely ecofriendly and biodegradable product extracted naturally like seaweed or neem extracts etc. This is one of the unique factors of the products formulated at Annadhatri. The other unique factor has been Annadhatri's position in the newage technology of 'Nanotech'. Leveraging the essentials of Nanotech, Annadhatri Agritech was able to achieve minimal application dose of farm inputs as compared to other widely available products in the market.

Since its inception in 2018, Annadhatri Agritech has followed proficient morals and complete quality administration strategies to profit purchasers in the farming business. The company has earned sincere preference of the cultivating local area for giving the best and reasonable agro arrangements. Annadhatri's dominate in providing quickly developing Agro ranger service plants, high yielding Horticulture plants, and eco accommodating harvest improving Bio/Organic items. As part of the horticulture plants offering, Annadhatri provide Teak, Mahogany, Sandalwood and more. This is not the best part. What has attracted buyers or farmers is the value add services. Annadhatri gives two years replacement warranty on the plants, with two claims a year. Besides, for customers looking for growing an orchard, Annadhatri provides free consulting and takes the financial expenses of meetings or transportations.

Indian Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises has recognized Annadhatri with the title 'UdhyogAadhar'. The firm's items and administrations discover applications in various ventures for an assortment of purposes. "The explanation, which is answerable for the organization's prosperity, is its methodology that guides it to consistently work for serving the best products and consulting at reasonable costs", says Ashis.

From seed market, to proprietary organic farm, organic supermarket and cold storage & rice processing mill driven by organic methodologies, Annadhatri has a whole host of future plans in the pipeline. With such a trajectory for the future, Annadhatri Agritech is set to transform the face and state of Indian farming and horticulture for good.