Anasha Art Gallery: Ensuring an Eclectic Mix of High-Quality Art Works

Anahita Taunk,  Shayal Taunk,   Founders

Anahita Taunk, Shayal Taunk

Contemporary art is a mirror often reflecting what contemporary culture and society has to offer. Diverse and eclectic, contemporary art and artists, both are distinguished by the lack of a uniform organizing principle or any ideology, and yet possess the capacity to voice the globally influenced cultural landscapes of identities, values, and beliefs.

Anasha Art is a popular contemporary Indian online art gallery. Artist Ranadip Mukherjee remarks about Anasha Art, “I have been closely associated with the mother-daughter duo from Jamshedpur who have made the online art gallery not only a success but also a dream come true. A few years back I wouldn’t have been able to buy colours and art equipment in Jamshedpur, let
alone imagining an online art gallery making strides there”.

"All the art pieces showcased are certified original works of art, sourced directly from the artist, and come with an authenticity certificate given by the artist"

Incepted in 2014 by Anahita Taunk, Shayal Taunk, & Praveen S (Founders), Anasha Art works with a mix of senior artists as well as some very talented up and coming artists. The artwork collection is very rigorously curated. Having established a store Gallery in Gurgaon, Anasha Art ensures promoting its artists on both platforms. The Gallery strives to successfully promote all artists on board and hence the network is kept compact. All the art pieces showcased are certified original works of art, sourced directly from the artist, and come with an authenticity certificate given by the artist; ensuring an eclectic mix of rigorously curated high quality art. Some of the prominent artists on the platform are Seema Kohli, Ramesh Gorjala, Madhuri Bhaduri, Sachin Jaltare, Somenath Maity, Ranadip Mukerjee, Arvind Kolapkar, and many more.

The Viewers Window
Anasha not only exhibits, promotes, and assists viewers and artists alike but also advises
clients on various aspects of the art buying process. The kind of art they should be investing in, selection of a painting for a particular space or a collection of artworks for a home, framing, all these nuances are catered too. “Very often our clients have very specific requirements with respect to size or theme – for example a portrait. In many cases, the client has already extensively researched an artist’s work. In these cases, we can commission our artists as per client specifications,” explains Anahita. The gallery ensures that the buying process is smooth and convenient for its clients and provides as much confidence as possible by ensuring high quality packaging, and sharing exact timelines & courier tracking details.

The Journey
From building a brand and relationships to workingwith some illustrious and extremely talented artists, the Gallery has had a successful and hugely satisfying journey. Online Galleries like Anasha Art and its counterparts have transformed the art buying process in India. The Gallery is excited about the contemporary Indian art space, the expanding art market, and the growing interest and awareness in Indian Art and what it means for their enterprise.