Adeetya's Kitchen System: Delivering 100 Percent Tubular Steel Carcass Pre-Fabricated Kitchen Solutions

Anand Ambedkar,  Founder & Chief Mechanical Architect,Shashikant Devdas, Co-Founder

‘Rasoi Ghar’since time immemorial always poised a pious space in every Indian household, believed to have a strong essence that bound familial ties. Nevertheless over the years with its significant worth unaffected, kitchens witnessed sweeping changes that denoted transformations from a humble scullery into a cook’s haven. Adopting this agenda and emerging as connoisseurs delivering avantgarde kitchen amenities and designs, Adeetya’s Kitchen System(AKS) incepted in 1996 offering tubular steel carcass prefabricated kitchens that were customized to precisely meet the demands of every customer.

Elaborating on its modus operandi, Anand Ambekar, Founder & Chief Mechanical Architect, Adeetya’s Kitchen System, states, “Each of our models is customized for the Indian Rasoi Ghar, to suit individual requirements within pocket-friendly budgets. We consider the number of family members, lifestyles, traditions, storage patterns and age of our customer’s as well to provide the best modular kitchen solutions”. Pertaining to this contribution AKS is undoubtedly the answer to delivering 100 percent customized & authentic kitchen-specified needs.

Right from design conceptualization, manufacturing and execution of projects, the company strides a notch higher to ensure quality under assuring workmanship. With its state-of-the-art factory set-up at Pune and an enthusiastic orientation towards changing industry-trends, AKS is one among the first few kitchen-makers who manufacture kitchen accessories and shutters that are foldable and detachable for easy use. Comprehending the necessity for good storage systems and tackling the issue of rusting metals, the company utilizes tubular steel carcass frameworks thereby providing benefits of long-lasting use, unlike the wooden that flattens with the fall of water. Moreover, sufficient ventilation and insect infestation are catered to, creating tailor-made units to suit concrete-kitchen bases/platforms that are available in world-class finishes with soft-touch channels, hinges and lift-ups along with the warranty.

"AKS is one among the first few kitchen-makers who manufacture kitchen accessories and shutters that are foldable and detachable for easy use"

Comprehensive Solutions & Dedicated Services
Technology has it head-on when it comes to Adeetya’s offerings. Operating on exclusive software that enables the development of its unique Magic-corners, organizers and storage easy-to-access fittings, AKS designs its products in batches before executing the entire project. Heavy-duty baskets and conveniently tall storage units for weighty storage full-round and off
-set revolving units along with dripping and combo-drawer sets frame some of the company’s products. With 95 percent of the job manufactured in-house, AKS pledges better control over the production and timely supply of flawless kitchens.

Not just this, the company pays crucial attention to the storage trends of customers and engages in sourcing relevant material that does not corrode or sag when in use. In some cases, fitting dimensions are also restricted to ensure excess space for storage. Following these fixtures, the company educates its customers on ideal storage management systems and materials involved in the production to earn maximum trust and satisfaction. Such is the precision with which AKS delivers its services.

AKS further claims to be first in this segment to introduce quick and reliable after-sale services as well as the pioneer in establishing franchisees PAN India (as old as over 12 years). The company is also working towards getting the industry recognized as an organized sector. In doing so, the company conducts training programs for its employees and franchisees, while also holding significant ties with institutions. Earning a 21st Century Business Excellence Award as early as 2006, AKS envisions setting-up around 100 franchise outlets in the next five years to meet the growing demands for the tailor-made modular kitchen for the current global generation.