4S Foods: Producing Preservative Free & Farm Fresh Milk & Dairy Products

Gajjender Singh Yadav, FounderBack in 2017, a survey revealed that formalin (formaldehyde) was added as a preservative in the packaged milk to ensure longevity and prevent it from spoiling during transportation as a matter of standard practice. However, it also came into the picture that formalin is harmful to human consumption, leading to vomiting, ulcers and even cancer over a period of time due to adulteration from artificial hormones, primarily Oxytocin which is used for boosting milk yield. Delivering clean, pure, whole some and ‘preservative & artificial growth hormone-free’ farm fresh milk and dairy products, Delhi-based 4S Foods practices purity as its mantra and stays true to its tagline –‘Swach, Shudh, Sampurna Sehat’.

This organic milk farm produces fresh milk, safe for families and especially children at their in-house cattle farms that cater to the nutritional needs and overall health
while manufacturing nutritious edibles, free from harmful pesticides & fertilizers. Majority dairy farmers inject oxytocin, steroids and other artificial lactating hormones to boost the yield of the milk, but 4S Foods refrains from any such malpractice by adopting direct farm-to-kitchen model. The fresh milk from cows is packed into glass bottles and then transported via cold chain to 1500 households across Delhi and Gurgaon, availing last mile delivery. This helps the farm to uphold trust and apprehension from hundreds of people. Following the hub and spoke model, the farmers who own cattle, work with them.

Taking Care of the Cattle
At 4sfoods, special attention is given to the cattle’s well being. Aware of the fact that the cattle feed sold in market contain chemicals like aflatoxin which makes the cattle addictive of it, 4S Foods make its own feed comprising of bypass proteins & fats, live yeast culture and multi grains, which enhances the quality of milk yield and also ensures high absorption of vital nutrients from their diet. Having 150 cows, the farm lays different modules of feeding for different kind of cattle as per their body, milking patterns, climatic conditions and their pregnancy status.

4sfoods uses real time accessing systems where a microchip installed in every cattle tells about their bodily
movements, digestive system and rumination, every two hours. This not only helps to know the illness but also give inputs to improve the overall well being of the cattle. Qualified veterinarian doctors prescribed medicines, vaccinations are given as and when required. The shelters for the cattle are cooled and cleaned regularly, and to decrease the stress on livestock, music is played all the time. Free space, 24×7 access to water, and soft rubber mats are put for cattle’s comfort.

To be doubly sure of the quality and guarantee ‘hormones & preservative-free’ milk and dairy products, regular product samples and cattle feed lab tests are done. 4sfoods also educates farmers through special programs on the brighter side of dairy farming. Today apart from providing pure milk, 4S Foods also produces dairy products such as paneer, ghee, butter, cream and also milk based sweets like carrot halwa, milk cake & barfi. Knowing that India doesn’t have much home-grown dairy products, 4S Foods is doing R&D to roll out new products to fulfill the calcium & pro-biotic needs of humans who can’t have milk directly. Witnessing 100 percent growth in last three years, 4S Food is planning to establish in five major cities by 2020.