Innovating with Technology, Wine Industry's Future Looks Promising

Sean Evans, CEO, My Wine SocietyI find it difficult to write this from any position of authority as I am the first person to tell you that I am not an expert in the wine industry by any stretch. Having said that, my family has owned a boutique winery for almost 20 years now, so many holidays have been spent at the winery discussing harvest, Rhône varietals (and others) and the complexities of the wine industry. It was that surface level knowledge of the wine industry operations and their struggle to communicate and connect with the next generation of wine drinkers that inspired My Wine Society... along with a unique opportunity to partner with Skylab and skip an almost always
debilitating tech development process.

The wine industry is one of the oldest in the world and many have found success innovating with technology while others in the industry struggle accept that change, as should be expected when you’re business has been around hundreds of years Being more of an outsider looking in, but still very much a wine enthusiast, has helped me to have a firm vision for connecting wine drinkers in a mobile community to the wineries they want to learn about and visit. Illustrated most aptly by this newest generation of wine drinkers out drinking all other generations combined in wine consumption and yet signing up for traditional wine clubs and visiting wineries at a declining rate, paints a picture of winemakers and winery owners putting out one message (or in one medium) and younger consumers seeking something else.

Our running joke when speaking with wineries is: this new generation of wine drinkers cares less about the 97 points you scored last year and more about the name of the wine maker’s dog and why there’s a red truck on the label. We are hopefully providing the platform to get that story out to the masses and simultaneously creating a global community around an amazing passion of making and drinking wine around the world!