Designing Kitchens That Are The Heart Of The House

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorTo me, and most of us, our heart is where our food is! In India, we follow the concept of Atithi Devo Bhava, and so believe in treating guests with our culinary magic every day. But do you remember the golden old days when as kids we used to lurk on the food served to our guests or pray to god that they leave some of the halwa and pakodas on the plate so that we can savour post they leave? I bet most of us have those sweet memories. However, our lust for those foods weren’t when food was on plate, but since our mom and grand mom entered the kitchen to prepare them. Making space for ourselves on the kitchen platform, we sat there hours to see how they prepare the food, heard several
stories from grandparents and then even fought with them to snatch to have the first bite of everything they prepare.

Our kitchens might have changed, but the integral story and the love still remain the same. That is why even today, kitchen is the most important part of every Indian household. However, with the changing times, our kitchens too have changed. From large room-sized to small, compact kitchens, our kitchens need modern day planning to fit all the more electrical equipment and accessories, apart from providing us enough space to perform our task. Fitting so much in so less is a skill, and modular kitchen providers are masters in this art, though not all of them. Though modular kitchens look beautiful, it is important that the designers/service providers keep the aesthetics of every family they design the kitchen for, ranging from the size of the family to their culture & values, color preferences and much more.

To lessen your effort and enable you create your dream kitchen, we at siliconIndia Lifestyle bring to you ‘10 Most Promising Modular Kitchen Services Providers – 2020’. We have diligently researched and selected some of the most prominent names from the industry who have delivered hundreds of successful projects and proudly flaunt elated customers who are their advocates now. Read to know more about them.

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