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Textile industry is one of oldest and fastest growing industries around the whole world earning lengthy income every day. India is one of biggest hub for fashion brands having wide and diverse range of styles, colors, designs using ecofriendly, nontoxic materials in a very cost-effective way.

Market demand:With the upliftment of the idea of e-Commerce, online fashion industry is booming at very fast pace because they don’t have to pay the extra charges for maintaining the brick mortar store as in case of offline stores.

New Designs: Till date many designer brands have thumped the market and created ruckus among the fonder of fashion. From the time immemorial, women are designing clothes which are distinctively stylish at the same time elegant. Women need exclusive brand-new designs every now and then, so it is significantly important to make changes in the trend of designs, one trend goes and new one comes, this is fashion cycle. The fashion brands need to have a foresight and design their apparel accordingly keeping in mind the profit margin in order to stay a float in the fashion industry.

The fashion designers are transforming old wines in new bottles in the fashion industry

Fashion Boutique: Each fashion brand has their discreet style and way of designing the clothes, may it be traditional or Western. When a special design hit the market people scramble over each other to own such kind of dress and all the fashion brands try to imitate the design and make clothes. Previously, fashion designers were appointed by the textile brands to design their clothes but in this contemporary world people are drawn by the boutique or couture where the dress will be designed exclusively only for you, no other copy will be there. By the recent trends with upliftment of such culture the prices of branded apparels are getting exorbitant but still people are queuing in front of the boutiques of their favorite fashion hub.

Market Report: While the Fatgiant fashion brands are earning extra pennies, the local brands are suffering bitterly. So before working on any fashion start up it is very important to segment the society according to your dedicated consumer and check the market value of the raw materials and consult with fashion experts.Adding up to all the fashion sectors in India, the whole industry has the potential to grow into a $106 billion industry by 2026.

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