PATSAV : Sculpting Content Creators of Tomorrow

Navdeep Ahuja, Founder & CEO, PATSAV“The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart,” said George Sand, the illustrious French novelist, memoirist and socialist; and rightly so. While we don’t necessarily recognize it, but various forms of creative expression make our everyday lives a little bit more alive. Although art holds a critical position in our happiness and well being, yet our formal education systems have not yet matured enough to render creative education its due recognition. Up until a few years ago, family discussions surrounding a child’s future career options predominantly focused on traditional or formal vocations. A mere mention of a creative career path was met with reluctance. Brushed off as just a hobby, creative pursuits were only meant to be part time activities while one pursued a full time formal education. Challenging this deep rooted perspective is Panache Academy of Technology Sound & Visual arts (PATSAV), a music technology academy.

Founded in 2007, PATSAV renders passion driven courses but with a strong focus on helping students build sustainable and fruitful careers in the media and entertainment industry. “Our objective has always been to push students and their parents to view creative career choices as more than just a hobby,” says Navdeep Ahuja, Founder & CEO, PATSAV. A renowned Disk Jockey (DJ) him self, Navdeep has been the driving force behind the unique music school that has been ranked as Hyderabad’s Premier Sound School by Rave Magazine and listed among India’s Top DJing Institutes by The New Indian Express, Chennai. The school that began as a training platform for DJs has today blossomed into a full-fledged academy with new age courses such as DJing, electronic music production, sound engineering, music technology, photography, videography and event management. Having successfully implemented the concept of dual careers, PATSAV has already trained and is training various music producers, artist managers and creative geniuses of the future.

"Our objective has always been to push students and their parents to view creative career choices as more than just a hobby"

Building on M&E Industry’s Impending Growth
Our world is increasingly becoming digital by the day. As the Internet and Internet enabled devices make inroads into the deepest corners of our country, the consumption of creative content is also increasing manifolds. In fact, digital media is expected to overtake the film and entertainment sector by 2019. Currently valued at Rs.1.7 million, the Indian media and entertainment industry is slated to grow at 13.4 percent by FY23. With positive numbers to back the sunrise sector’s impending growth, the media and entertainment sector has become the industry of choice for young talents. With platforms such as YouTube gaining popularity, more and more youth aspire to build alternative career paths. Fuelling the fire to pursue new age career options is PATSAV. Keeping in mind the impending growth of digital media and the consequent requirement for especially trained digital content creators, PATSAV has designed a plethora of content driven programs such as music production, Video Editing, YouTuber course, recording & editing sound, and visual performances, entrepreneurial development amongst others.

Being taught by some of the top professional in India, including VDJ NDA, DJ Piyush Bajaj, Live Sound Engineers Such as Nitesh, Event Managers such as Sanobar & Ronny among others, courses at PATSAV aim at creating industry ready professionals. The curriculum, which is designed meticulously, includes a healthy mix of theory and practical learning. Over the period of months, students are also given the opportunity to intern alongside some of the industry stalwarts. Working under the guidance of industry leaders arms students with real
world experience that helps them build successful careers in the future.

Headquartered in Hyderabad and with centers in Delhi, PATSAV has developed well equipped, state-of-the-art facilities that create an atmosphere of creative abundance for students. Matching up to international standards in terms of the equipment being used, the academy leaves no stones unturned to build industry ready candidates. With its alumni spread across the Indian and global entertainment industry, PATSAV students get to leverage a strong professional network in the Live Entertainment, event management and recording industry to strengthen employment opportunities.

"As a franchisee you will benefit from a personalized launch of your franchise as well as centralized marketing support"

Pioneering Courses
A pioneer in every sense of the word, the seed of the idea to build a pro DJ training institute was sown in Navdeep’s mind years ago when he was looking to enroll in a professional DJ course himself. With no satisfactory option available in India, he moved to the UK in order to pursue formal education. It was his time in the UK that exposed him to the requirements of the global music and entertainment industry. Upon his return, Navdeep chose to work in the education sector while DJing as a hobby. The idea to create a professional music school in India, which has been on the backburner, took center stage and PATSAV was founded in 2007 in Hyderabad.

PATSAV was the first Pioneer DJ Certified Academy in India back in 2008 & still is. The comprehensive course has been the Academy premier program over the years. Covering every aspect of becoming a live performing artist, the course includes Pro DJ, Digital DJ and Visual DJ training. Rendering hands-on industry standard training from evergreen tools such as the turntable, to old-school equipment like vinyl records, and, the latest sound systems and DJ software, PATSAV’s world class studio facilities are creating the night life moguls of India.

The academy also trains sound engineers and electronic music producers of tomorrow. The sound engineering program covers analog/digital recording, live show production and post production across various formats. Other than learning the skills of the trade, students are also trained to handle the finest equipment used by studios across the globe, gain knowledge about music history and entertainment law. Teaching music enthusiasts to make the most of music, the electronic music production course acquaints students with global industry standard software such as Fruity Loops, Logic, Ableton, Cubase and Protools among others.

Focusing on every aspect of the media and entertainment industry, PATSAV also renders courses surrounding Bollywood music production, Digital marketing, CRM, Youtube Content and Entrepreneurial development amongst others. Encouraging its students to take up the entrepreneurial route, PATSAV is facilitating a holistic growth of the Indian media and entertainment industry.

Growing the Eco-System
Having successfully trained professionals for over 12 years, PATSAV has now become the first music technology academy in India to be the Authorised Training partner with Media & Entertainment Skill Sector Council under NSDC(National Skill Development Council), Govt. of India, a first in the Telangana & Andhra Pradesh regions. Growing from strength to strength, the school envisions becoming India’s largest music & entertainment academy with over 10 centres in Hyderabad & Delhi by 2019 and over 50 centres across India by 2020.

Undertaking the route of franchising, the brand has successfully executed the PATSAV franchise model for achieving Roi within 18 months ensuring 30 percent profit for investors. Supporting franchise owners through equal partnership, PATSAV renders support in finding the right faculty, conducting intensive train the trainer session, build market capacity, get students to enroll and assist in placements. Leveraging its aggressive pricing strategy for high value courses helps Patsav Brand gain a strong market share, especially since it is backed by a large marketing budget & strong industry resource. “As a franchisee you will benefit from a personalized launch of your franchise as well as centralized marketing support,” explains Navdeep. Further he adds that Patsav has roped in India Idol 9 fame Manya Narang to be the Brand Ambassador for Patsav. Manya brings in expertise of being among the finest vocalists, a performer & also a music producer.

With a strong plan and model in place, PATSAV envisages becoming a Rs.100 million turnover business by 2020. Looking to graduate and train over 5000 industry professionals by 2020, the academy is motivating its students to take up the entrepreneurial route and establish their own startups including production houses, music labels, YouTube channels, and artist management & music business firms. A strong ally of the Indian media and entertainment eco system, PATSAV has been a pioneer in every sense of the word.

Key Management: Navdeep Ahuja, Founder & CEO
A renowned DJ himself, Navdeep has 12 years of experience running India’s premier DJ academies. Driven by passion and fuelled by ambition, the serial entrepreneur has been the driving force in catapulting PATSAV into an award winning institute.

Hyderabad, Delhi

Disk Jockey Course, Music Production Course, Digital Marketing Course, Bollywood Music Production Course, Event Management, Entrepreneurship Development Course, Sound Engineering.