Fragrant Nature Hotels & Resorts: Experience the Backwaters, History & Highlands Embracing Luxury & Tranquility

Anne Joseph, Managing Director,  Fragrant Nature Hotels & ResortsIt’s a universally believed notion that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Making you personally experience the true colors of tranquil nature, aesthetic beauty, cultural heritage and essence of art is Fragrant Nature Hotels and Resorts, where humanity and nature stay at peace and closely cuddle with luxury and serenity. Strategically nestled at three locations, Kollam, Kochi and Munnar, in God’s own country – Kerala, Fragrant Nature’s experiential properties take you by surprise with their architectural perfection and warm hospitality. At Fragrant Nature, one can sense the cultural authenticity and royal experience through green plantations, aesthetic environment and historical explorations.

Enjoying close proximity with nature, Fragrant Nature centralizes responsible tourism for conservation of nature, wildlife and upliftment of local community. Unlike majors benefiting from commercialization, Fragrant Nature’s Managing Director, Anne Joseph, believes in passionately servicing guests just like family and making their moments remarkable through personalized experiences. Badging an additional star to the resort’s excellence is its mantra of organic way of life, an ingredient closely sprinkled on every platter it serves.

An Eyeful of Splendor
Fragrant Nature’s splendid mansions elevate the concept of luxurious experience that goes beyond fancy and pretty designs. Its Kollam property, edified in 2009 and spread in an area of six acres, stands within natural scenery and surroundings. The colossal 29 rooms never lose sight of 600 lakes frontage and are immersed in sensational natural beauty. While the architecture captures contemporary traditions and locale essence, the mansion’s close proximity with Paravur village keeps the guests connected with communal heritage and rejuvenates body, mind and soul in pure environs.

On the flip side, Fragrant Nature – Kochi and Munnar –incorporates the colors of Portuguese, Dutch and English history, Indian heritage, structural elements and famous artworks. The Kochi acreage is a true epitome of art and culture, essence of which is well-established in a huge trompe-l'œil mural furnished in its lobby. Anne avers, “It’s an artwork that gives you a window into ancient cultures and trading”. On the other hand, Fragrant Nature – Munnar sits in a quaint valley adjacent to tea plantations and gives your mind a break from the mundane. Be it strategic location, breathtaking climate, picturesque greenery or unique culinary, the resort perfectly creates a sync between natural experience and luxurious reality.

Amidst delightful activities and local
exploration, Ayurveda steps-in as the best alternative for replenishing your body and rejuvenating your soul. Prana Wellness Spa, available at all Fragrant Nature chains, carefully curates wellness experiences and therapies to bring-in the right balance between body, mind and soul. “Ayurveda is a lifestyle. It’s about eating clean, living clean and healthy, breathing right and Yoga,” adds Anne.

Crafting an Experience beyond Reality
Explicating on Fragrant Nature’s unique proposition, Anne asserts, “It’s not just about the facilities or what the hotel has, it’s about what you feel when you stay there and associate with the people. The moment guests steps into any of Fragrant Nature’s property, they become kings and queens. Warm hospitality, homely service and royalty is what we strive to give”. Crowning guest experience over commercial business, Fragrant Nature is classified among four and five star hotel groups and ranks on top in Munnar and Kollam vicinity. Its unmatched service and customizable planning option allows guests to break free from complexities and gather a luxurious yet relaxing experience at Fragrant Nature hotels and resorts.

"Be it strategic location, breathtaking climate, picturesque greenery or unique culinary, Fragrant Nature perfectly creates a sync between natural experience and luxurious reality"

Not only does Fragrant Nature practice organic farming and feasting in-house, but also gives its share of social contribution back to the society through Aroma Fresh (pesticide-free, organic food products). Hence is its policy – Eat Pure, Stay Healthy. Flexible in catering to the food service, the expert head chefs bring on table the richness of authentic Kerala food and constantly experiment with ingredients and spices to treat domestic and international guests with multi-cuisine savouries.

Assuring an All-Encompassing Experience
As fun and entertainment brims the resort’s to-do list, guests in search of a peaceful vacation occupy the serene umbrella-headed beach beds or dine at the sand-floored restaurant with a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea. Furthermore, as safety deems prime, Arudra assures the security of its guests by constantly monitoring well-placed CCTVs around the property with a special security team that includes the services of Ace and TinTin (Arudra’s pet dogs) who don’t just scout the property but also ensures to add-on to every pet-lovers enjoyment. The owners also maintain direct contact with the local beach police in-case of any mishaps.

Knitting Comfortable yet Opulent Stories
A classified and protocol adhering hotel and resort chain, Fragrant Nature keeps a close check on guests’ safety and security throughout their stay. Along with customizing its packages as per the requirement, all staff members knit a close bond with guests to make their experience memorable. Right from handpicking local trips to tailoring stay plans and keeping check on transportation facility, each Fragrant Nature member serves guests with dedication, passion and commitment.

An ideal destination for weddings, corporate meets and conferences, Fragrant Nature hosts every event with perfection and quality coordination. With its unique and experiential orientation, the resort has attracted guests time & again and earned rewards through customer satisfaction and remarkable experiences. Tailoring experiences that cuddles with magnificence and tranquility simultaneously makes Fragrant Nature the premium choice amongst national and international travelers.

Key Management:
Anne Joseph, Managing Director
A passionate microbiologist, Anne shifted her path from science to hospitality to offer an experience that amalgamates nature's essence with luxury. She believes in organic way of living and embarks upon the philosophy to provide aesthetic experience to Fragrant Nature's guests.

Kerala (Munnar, Kollam and Kochi)