Canopus: Designing Wet Wipes by Continuously Adopting New Technologies & Innovative Solutions India's

India’s baby care products market is driven by increased internet penetration and online availability of baby care products, and the growing number of nuclear and single parent families. This study identifies the increasing health concerns among parents as one of the prime reasons driving the baby care products market in India's growth during the next few years.Canopus, head quartered in Karnataka, manufactures 27 varieties of wet wipes in different categories, namely baby care, beauty care, home care, medical care, pet care, industrial, surface cleaning disinfectant. eye care. computer and many more. Canopus is the brainchild of Ashok Kulkarni an enthusiastic, passionate, energetic, hard working, and determined technical textile expert. He has pursued B.Sc, FTA in textile, and C.Text FTI from Manchester. He is also a member of the expert panel of ITAMMA.

With over four decades of experience in the textile/technical textile and non woven industry, his research background enables him to innovate and develop better products for evolving customer needs continuously. He has established many globally advanced plants with updated technologies that produce premium quality products. He has successfully provided his services in the European markets to brands like ALDI, Mother care, AS Watson, Boots Walgreens, J&J, Kmart, Woolworth, CVS, T.J. Morris, Action, Walmart, Wilko, Spar, and many more in his previous assignments. “Canopus is all about making the lives of a fast moving consumer easier and refreshing by providing them with a vast array of portable wet wipes to choose from. Be it taking care of your baby's skin with soft wet wipes or cleansing your face and being ready for the next presentation while on the go we get it all covered” states Ashok Kulkarni, Founder, Canopus.

Canopus offers the most extensive range of wet wipes available across various price points and serving the specific needs of the consumers

Varieties of Wet Wipes in Different Categories
Canopus offers the most extensive range of wet wipes available across various price points and serving the specific needs of the consumers. While coming up with a range offering different wipes made from polyester viscose blends, viscose, bamboo, biodegradable and flushable wet laid pulp wipes meeting GD4 US standards, the company is continuously innovating its products by understanding the requirements of the newage consumer. At the onset of this pandemic, Canopus was the only company making surface disinfectant wipes, alcohol wipes, and hand sanitizing wipes. These were already being sold to the corporate, hospitality, and travel industry. Additionally, the company also wants the entire world to get the benefits of the innovative product offerings. Canopus offers private labelling services and has many clients to its credit.

Being a hygiene company, ensuring a hygienic environment in the production area is very core to the company and has installed insect catchers, air purifiers, metal detectors, employees' cleanliness, antibacterial flooring, testing of all parameters required for clean production in an inhouse Lab. The company ensures no unwanted things enter during the manufacturing process and only purified water is used.

Being in the industry for just two years, Canopus has already supplied to the US, Europe, and far East and received laurels and accolades worldwide. Canopus has many certifications to meet exports which are ISO 9001 2015 SEDEX SMETA UK, BSCI Amfori, CE, FDA, GMP, US FDA, USFDA OTC, EN 13697. The products offered are tested in well known and trusted labs in the world. However, in the near future, the company wishes to expand more with various retailer products and make a name in the market, with more biodegradable and flushable materials.