Grami Super Foods: All Set to Contribute its Bit in the Millet Revolution

The increasing consciousness over health and diet gained momentum when the pandemic hit us and it became more of a necessity than choice to stick to healthy diet intake options. Superfoods provide maximum health benefits for minimal calories. Superfoods had an impact in the market too when most dieticians and trainers started recommending them as a part of daily diets and thus, the demand for these is predicted to rise till 2025.

Grami Super Foods entered the market in 2017 as the only company that focused on creating healthy products with organic Millets and Jaggery. It has currently developed over 30 ready to cook and ready to eat food product options that are healthy and tasty. The company provides authentic healthy food options that are convenient to consume and it rather uses unique production processes to retain the life energy of the food grains than preservatives in its products.

A Wide Product Range
All products at Grami are RTCs and RTE and itis coming up with RTDs, all using millets. Grami has an entire product range of 150 products to offer from healthy breakfast options, to healthy lunch options like millet noodles. It also has launched new products like healthy turmeric milk powder and healthy ready to drink millet and multi grain powders selling under the name ‘Rebounce'. It also has healthy munching options like millet cookies and millet rusks.

Grami combines the ancient knowledge and the modern sciences in its manufacturing process for all its product offerings

Grami is all set to abridge the demand supply gap between the rural farmer and the urban consumer. The renewed focus on the superfoods has benefitted Grami and thus, the demand for the company's organic and millet lines including Lakadong turmeric lines, have experienced a surge.

The company combines the ancient knowledge and the modern sciences in its manufacturing process for all its product offerings. Although, millets are notoriously difficult to work with, since they have no gluten, the company has invested in modified methodology for creating new millet food lines. However, the millet food industry is yet to come-up with superior equipments and new methodologies for added inventions.

Millet Is the Future Grain
The millet industry is a good investment opportunity and has seen a 100 percent year on year growth. Grami has its hopes high in the millet segment and is confident that millet will hold the title for ‘Grain of the 21st Century'. By 2023, the company forecasts further boost in the millet production.

Grami is currently focussing on bio availability and digestibility of millets and how it can make millets a sustainable superfood of the future. The company is staying in the forefront of innovations, whether it is Protein isolates from grains or on various forms of powdered millets, it is investing heavily in it. It is coming-up with a new range of millet based Instant foods and new delivery methods to ‘make it from farm to fork’. It is also focussing on dietary forms like KETO and Vegan markets and coming out with products that fit their palettes and plates.